Packing List

Robin Hood Camp recommends a minimum of 8 tops (t-shirts or polo), 5 pairs of shorts, 2 sweatshirts (hooded or crew), 2 pairs of sweatpants, 2 laundry bags, and 1 RH jacket. Laundry is done once a week, so campers need enough uniforms for seven days. 
We suggest packing in a large, soft-sided duffle bag.
NOTE: Personalized Name Tapes and Nape Application Service are required for non-U.S. campers.
Personalized Name Tapes  1 required for non-U.S. campers
Name Tape Application Service  1 required for non-U.S campers or orders shipped to camp
RH Shorts (Boys Shorts)/(Girls Running Shorts) 5 required                                       
RH T-shirts or Polos   6-8 total required                                                                  
RH Jacket (Adult Jacket)/(Youth Jacket) 1 required                                              
RH Hooded Sweatshirt or RH Crew Sweatshirt   2 total required
RH Green Sweatpants   2 required
Rain Coat/Poncho  1 (green) required. Rain days can be common at camp. Most campers prefer a lightweight, water resistent Rain Coat but if your camper wants ultimate protection from the rain, we recommend the heavier, waterproof Poncho.
Laundry Bags  2 required UNLESS you purchased two in previous years that are in good condition (eg, the camper name is legible) and you plan to use them again
Water shoes 1pr required. Neoprene, slip-on shoes such as pictured below.  No "Crocs" or "Tevas".     
Camp Shoes/Sneakers  2 pr required, 3 pr (total) recommended
Day Backpack  1 required                                                                           
Jeans  2 recommended                                                                                                      
Underwear  14 recommended

White Athletic Socks   14 pr recommended 
Pajamas  3 recommended

Bathrobe  1 recommended                                                                                            
Slippers  1pr recommended 
Swimsuit  3 recommended
Swim Shirt 1 highly recommended                                                                                   Waterproof Boots  1 pr required. Rain days can be common at camp. Most girl campers like to wear a pair of rainboots on rainy days and most boy campers prefer a pair of waterproof hiking boots.                                                                                        
Beach Towels (thin)  2 recommended                                                                                              
Riding Helmet and Boots**                                 
Insect Repellent*                                                                                                              
Mosquito Netting  1 recommended. If your camper is susceptible to mosquitoes, we recommend the purchase of a mosquito net. The counselors help set up the net in the cabin.
Sturdy Flashlight   1 recommended
Camera/Film*  No phone cameras: inexpensive digital or disposable only.
Reading books  Paper only: no electronic devices.
Tennis Racquet**  Recommended if your camper will play competitive tennis.
Baseball Glove**
Soccer Cleats (1 pr), Shin Guards (1 pr) and Long Socks (3 pr).  Required if your camper will play competitive Soccer.
Sleeping Bag*
Large duffle bag 
Refillable Water Bottles  2 required
One or two sets of regular clothing to wear for the Friday Night Dance and “free dress” days.
Bedding, towels and trunks are provided to campers at no cost, however, you may send your own if you wish or purchase extras from this site. Bedding includes 3 blankets, one pillow, 2 pillow cases, 2 sheet sets, 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 washcloths.
*Can be rented or purchased at Camp Store while at camp.
**Camp does provide baseball gloves, lacrosse sticks, tennis raquets, riding helmets and other equipment without charge. Do send camper’s own equipment—clearly marked—if you prefer. Riding boots are recommended for children wishing to participate in our Riding program. Wetsuits are required for campers who are aggressive waterskiiers.