1. What needs to be name labeled?

It is imperative that all clothing that comes to camp, uniform and non-uniform, be named labeled. Clothing should have name tape labels and other items, such as shoes, tents, and sleeping bags, must be identified with indelible ink. We do offer name tapes and a name tape application service for your convenience.
2. Am I required to order name tapes and the application service if my child is picking up his or her order at camp?  
YES, all orders being picked up at camp, and this includes all orders for children arriving from outside the U.S.,  must be marked by us to ensure that it is done. In the past, some families have sent their own name tapes to Robin Hood Outfittesr and we applied those. Please let us know in advance if this is your intention. Our name tapes are made to order and can take a week to produce. A late fee will occur for late orders of name labels.

3. Why do I have to pay a handling fee?
Since Robin Hood Outfitters is in Pittsburgh, PA, the clothing will be shipped to your home or to Maine.

4. What if I need to send additional information? 
In the past, additional information had included notes such as  "I need to have the order by a certain date because our family is going on vacation before camp." Also, some parents, who are unsure of the sizing of the order, specify that their children prefer clothing that is oversized OR scaled down. We want to process your order as efficiently and accurately as possible, and any extra information helps. Please Email Marie at uniforms@robinhoodcamp.com with any additional information.
5. What if I need to change my order?
Should there be any need to change your order, please Email Marie at uniforms@robinhoodcamp.com.
6. Can I order clothing when my child arrives at camp? And, can I order more clothing at camp if my child needs additional uniform items?
All initial orders must be placed before the camper arrives. It is best to calculate as accurately as possible the quantities your camper will need before camp begins. If you need to order additional uniforms, please use this website. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee we will have all sizes in stock. This year for orders over $200 placed after June 1 will have a $50 late fee. An additional $10 late fee will also be charged for name labels ordered after June 1.

7. If I live in the U.S., can I still have my order shipped directly to camp?
Yes you can. Please call Email Marie at uniforms@robinhoodcamp.com to notify her that you would like your order shipped directly to camp.
8. Can I purchase bedding, blankets, towels and trunks?
Robin Hood provides bedding and trunks to campers who do not bring their own. In past years, families have paid rental fees for these items. We are happy to now provide them free of charge, although campers may still want to bring their own. We will provide one pillow, two pillowcases, two sets of sheets, three blankets and four bath towels. (We strongly recommend that parents pack two beach towels for waterfront activities." All children use a standard-size (30x16x16 inches; 76x40x40 cm) or larger trunk as their summer bureau. They may not live out of their suitcases. 
You may purchase additional towels and blankets through this site.